The film will finally release tomorrow

Anurag Kashyap’s much awaited Bombay Velvet starring Ranbir Kapoor-Anushka Sharma-Karan Johar-Kay Kay Menon-Vivaan Shah will finally hit theatres. Ever since the trailer of Kashyap’s film was out, everyone has been waiting to see the period drama. Our reviewer Sreeju Sudhakaran is watching the press show of the period drama at a multiplex right now and has sent his first impression of the film.

Talking about Bombay Velvet, Sreeju says, “Bombay Velvet is a gritty drama based in Mumbai. ..sorry Bombay of the late ’60s. It chronicles the lives of Johnny Balraj, a street fighter turned club owner and Rosie, a talented singer who is abused by the many men in her life. Anurag Kashyap’s film is technically impressive, in fact it is one of best technical product I have ever seen in Bollywood. The’ 60s that have been created are simply mind blowing. There are a few discrepancies here and there, but they are forgiveable. The movie moves at a frenetic pace, sometimes at too much pace not waiting for the audience to catch up. There are too many events and characters introduced in the first half itself, that makes it a little difficult to get a grasp on what’s happening there. The pace has dipped a bit as the movie approached the interval, creating a lag. There are songs as well but they are interspersed intermittently in the narrative so not much complaints there. Loved the Fifi and the Behroopia songs. As for acting, Ranbir is really good though his tapori accent is something we need to get habituated to. Anushka shines in her jazz singer avatar. Karan Johar is impressive in his first full length role, that has grey shades as well as homosexual undertones. Even Manish Chaudhary is really good as the vindictive reporter. Kay Kay Menon has appeared in two scenes and so has Vivaan Shah. Now looking forward to the second half, and hoping Anurag provides a booster in the narrative.”