The actress has many things in common with our Bhaijaan. Here they are…

Salman Khan is perhaps the only star who enjoys unprecedented love and worship from his fans. They feel their Bhai is very real when it comes to display of emotions. He is handsome, charming and very smart. Who wouldn’t want to be like him? Guess that’s what made Sunny Leone wish to be reborn as Salman Khan. But we think she already has a few attributes of Salman Khan which defeats the need of turning into the actor in her next janam. They are a lot alike and here’s how…

Script? Just me baby!

They don’t need scripts because they are the scripts! What we meant by that is, once you have Bhai or Sunny in the film, writing a story around them isn’t a tough task. A bit of hot body, a negligible amount of logic and somedhoom dhaam anywhere…your film is all set to be released!

Who cares?!

Mere paas sense hai, logic hai, dimaag hai, tumhare paas kya hai? Humarey paas box office opening hai! Well, you have to give it to them. No amount of critics’ name calling (mindless, brainless, keep your brains at home, crappy) can keep the audience away from their films. They rock it hard!

Stun me!

Both are stunners. If Salman is still ogled by girls half his age, sighing at his name, Sunny is also googled a lot. Even today his innocent smile wins him many hearts while Sunny definitely races a few hearts!

Joke’s on you, people!

You think you are the only one who can laugh at others? Salman shared laughs on a public forum like Twitter when the photographers tried to ban him. How brave but then how funny! How can you ban a lion from his own den??! Jokes on Sunny aren’t any less funny, but she knows to give it back. Recently, her video with the lady getting back at every nasty tweet written on her simply takes the cake. So who had the last laugh here?

Hence, Sunny, think again! You already are a lot like our Bhai Salman Khan. You can skip the rebirth plan!