For those who miss watching Bigg Boss, tonight’s episode of Farah Khan’s cookery show was a great treat!

Farah Khan invited Rahul Mahajan, Sambhavana Seth, Diandra Soares and Pritam Singh to her Farah Ki Daawat and for a while there it seemed like we have travelled back to the Bigg Boss days when contestants would bicker or bond over food in the kitchen. Well, Farah’s intention was to recreate the Bigg Boss atmosphere on her show and she did the job well! After inviting the four Bigg Boss Halla Bol contestants, Farah put them straight to tasks, just like the old days. Pritam and Diandra formed one team while Rahul and Sambhavana were in the other team. Both the teams played tasks like cupcake eating and finding the spices in a murgi’s belly and by the end of all the fun and games the teams made their famous ‘Bigg Boss Chicken Curry’!

Looking at both the teams we could tell that Sambhavan is a natural when it comes to cooking. She effortlessly did everything from cutting up vegetables to adding the right concoction of spices. Rahul, not so shockingly, was just a prop in their team. Even though Pritam and Diandra worked hard together, their chicken curry lost to Rahul and Sambhavana’s dish! During the cooking, Rahul and Pritam went back to their Bigg Boss mode and started chasing each other around Farah’s kitchen! Poor Farah had to put a stop to all the running! Rahul even started flirting with Diandra as she cooked the chicken. Really, everything will change but the Casanova Rahul will remain just the same! Mixed with Rahul’s flirtatious antics was Pritam’s comic antics which left the audience in splits!

But amid all the fun, Sambhavana and Diandra’s great smelling chicken curry was ready. Farah tasted the two and decided that Sam’s curry was more sumptuous than Diandra’s chicken! They even played a Sabse Bada Pakaoo Kaun where the two teams had to name one Bigg Boss contestant each as the title-holder. So, Bigg Boss contestants Ajaz Khan and Praneet Bhatt also joined the fun and Farah made them play a hilarious paani-puri task!

As Ajaz, Sam and Rahul’s team won the Sabse Pakaoo task Diandra, Pritam and Praneet’s punishment was to watch Rahul watch dance around shirtless. It was a punishment indeed! Well, the audience really enjoyed all the craziness in the kitchen as they were happy to relive the Bigg Boss madness!

Bigg Boss contestants sat down with Farah Khan to enjoy the daawat and chatted about food, life and other things! It seemed like an enjoyable meal and it certainly was an enjoyable episode!