Bella Thorne has been incredibly busy this year (she has over nine unreleased projects coming out), and according to the actress, her mom is making her take a break. We caught up with the former Disney Channel star at Croc’s Funway Runway party yesterday night, and she told us that her mom forced her to drop out of a movie she was scheduled to film this summer so that she can hang out with her friends.

“I’m renting a beach house in Malibu and hopefully I’ll do some crazy things there this summer,” she EXCLUSIVELY told us. “I’m supposed to be doing a new film, and my mom was like, ‘Nope! No you’re not! You’re canceling the film and you’re hanging out with your friends. You have never done that for a summer, so now you’re doing that!'”

Aww! We love that Bella’s mom is making her take a short break and be a normal 17 year old this summer. It’s definitely important to find a happy medium when it comes to work – and Bella will beso thankful when she looks back on her teenage years. Plus, we won’t be missing the actress for too long – she’s signed on to star in Midnight Sun alongside Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Here’s to hoping Bella posts tons of photos of her and her friends hanging out at her beach house, not to mention Gregg Sulkin!