As reported, Batista is starring in “Heist” with Robert De Niro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Gina Carano and Morris Chestnut. The trailer is below. The movie comes out via on demand and a limited theatrical release on November 13th. Batista tweeted a link to the trailer and wrote, “Check it out! I may have 2 films out at once! Feeling a little @therock esque! A very little! but still..”

– As a part of her “Wrong #” anti-bullying campaign, Cameron has been asking fans to share their stories with the #shareyourstory hashtag. She will be hosting a Twitter Q&A on Saturday afternoon at 1:30pm EST. She’s also responding to many fans who are using the hashtag and wrote the following when one user gave her props for the campaign:

– The Rock posted the following on the keys to success:

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