2015 King of the Ring winner Bad News Barrett recently spoke with Digital Spy about Neville’s “Red Arrow” being his favorite finisher move and also predicted that Neville would become a huge star in WWE.

“I’m a huge fan of Adrian Neville and I have been for a long time,” Barrett told Digital Spy. “He’s probably the most agile wrestler I’ve ever seen in my life anywhere in the world. I think he’s going to be a massive star here.”

Barrett also explained why he teased his retirement and a passing of the torch on the live tour before giving Neville a cheeky Bullhammer.

“There is always that, ‘I’ve been here for five years mate, don’t step into my spotlight – I’ll give you a Bullhammer if you step out of line’ kind of thing!” he said.

“So I was just giving him a little warning there, but as long as he stays out of my way he’s going to go on to be a huge, huge star, so yeah, a big fan of Neville’s.”