Sanada’s release came due to a “political crossfire” between TNA and Wrestle-1, who had a talent exchange going. Wrestle-1 fell on hard financial times in Japan so they had to cut back on events and weren’t able to book TNA talents following the November event at Sumo Hall that didn’t do so well. When Wrestle-1 stopped booking TNA talents, TNA decided to stop using Sanada.

– Mike Tenay will return to TNA Impact Wrestling commentary on Friday’s episode but apparently it’s not a permanent change. No word yet on why Al Snow wasn’t brought back to work with Josh Mathews this past week but as noted, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero does some commentary on the May 22nd episode. It’s still not clear who the TNA announce team will be.

– Morale at last week’s TNA tapings was said to be “so-so.” The week was more about work as everyone had several matches to work and it was described as high-intense. Talents were told that there will be no live events until the summer at the earliest. With the China tour being canceled and the news of no live events for now, there was more disappointment.