Wrestlers that are under contract to Lucha Underground reportedly have heard nothing official about the next set of TV tapings. Many of those talents are starting to work on bookings for August and September. Because Lucha Underground gets first priority for anyone under contract, and they tape weekends when most indie promotions run, there are a lot of talents that are “kind of hanging” right now.

Lucha Underground officials have discussed bringing indie star AR Fox in. Lucha officials wanted both Fox and Rich Swann at first but they were under contract to EVOLVE. Fox is no longer under contract and could be coming in.

EVOLVE did not want to let Lucha have any talents without paying a significant amount of money, which Lucha did to get Ricochet to come in as Prince Puma. However, they made the decision not to do that with any other talents as they wanted Ricochet as a franchise star.