Backstage Creative News On NXT Divas Coming To WWE’s Main Roster, Stephanie McMahon’s Role, More

70925WWE creative went back and forth in recent weeks over how to bring the group of NXT Divas to the main roster. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that there were arguments on how to get it going and which Divas to use. There was an idea that the new Divas should come in, get rid of the old Divas and essentially “transplant” the NXT Women’s division to the main roster, keeping a few of the Divas who could keep up or ones that had to be used due to E!’s Total Divas. Stephanie McMahon was always planned to be involved and that was never debated but they did go back and forth on if she should bring them in and take credit as a babyface or not. At some points in the discussions they were going to bring up four Divas – Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Bayley, but at other times they were just going to bring up two Divas – Charlotte and Banks or Charlotte and Becky. It’s said that both Triple H and Stephanie are supporting this angle so it probably won’t be one of those WWE angles that is forgotten about within a few weeks.  

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