Alabama shoppers will have the opportunity to save on school supplies for the fast-approaching school year during the state’s upcoming sales tax holiday, which will be held August 7 -9. Hover over the map below-the sales dates in participating states will pop up, along with the eligible items.

School supplies, art supplies, and instructional material priced $50 or less.

“We’d like to see the legislature make this a permanent and recurring event annually”, said Lora Miller, director of government affairs and public relations for the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants.

As MONEY’s Brad Tuttle noted last year, these tax holidays aren’t exactly Black Friday when it comes to savings: Sales taxes in most participating states ranges from 6% to 9%. Average families, spending almost $700 on school supplies, would save about $38, according to the study. That means if you are buying your student a $500 laptop for school, you still have to pay the sales tax on it.

The sales tax holiday has been in effect for about a decade.

Dennis said the sales tax holiday helps families save on school supplies and also helps generate economic activity.

About 17 other states have comparable sales tax holidays in place, most with limits similar to Ohio’s, Miller said.

“Consumers in states that already have sales tax holidays absolutely love them”, Miller said.

However, you can purchase everyday adult clothing, as long as it is under $75 per item.

Computers, educational software and school computer supplies priced $750 or less.