If you’ve been seriously missing Good Luck CharlieBridgit Mendler has some good news for you — she’s been hinting that they may reunite on-camera again! While answering fan questions during a Facebook chat for her new show, Undateable, she was asked about the possibility of a reunion with the cast of her breakout Disney Channel show.

“I love the cast and I think there is definitely a chance of a GLC reunion ,” she wrote.

“I miss Disney! I loved working there so much. But NBC has been so kind to me and the cast and crew of Undateable is another family so I’m grateful for that,” she wrote.

When a fan asked which show she felt more connected to, she said, “I was on Good Luck Charlie for longer so it will always be an important part of me but Undateable is the world I’m in right now so I feel very connected to it.”

Even though Bridgit is focusing on her new NBC show, she still keeps in touch with her GLC family, and said that she’s going to be seeing them this weekend! Maybe a reunion will be happening sooner than we think? We caught the cast hanging out in January, so it seems like they stay in each others’ lives and see each other pretty regularly.

Do you miss Good Luck Charlie? Would you love to see a reunion episode of the show? Sound off in the comments!