One Direction and The Wanted‘s feud was legendary, but now it seems like all beef has been squashed, at least between Harry Styles and Nathan Sykes! The now-solo singer says he bonded with the 1D guy when they ran into each other in Los Angeles.

“I was out with Harry in LA recently. We were both a bit merry, but we had an [amazing] embrace,” he told The Mirror.

“I never had a problem with any of the 1D boys and never got involved with the Twitter fights, it wasn’t me. I think sometimes you can be a victim of hatred through association. I was like, ‘I didn’t say anything.'”

Since most of the fighting seemed to calm down over a year ago — even though they blamed them for their breakup — we had a feeling there were no lingering bad feelings. It’s good to know that Nathan was able to make everything cool with Hazza too. This might be the start of a beautiful friendship!

Are you happy for Nathan and Harry? Do you think it’s so cute that they hugged to settle the feud? Tell us in the comments!