Lauren Jauregui and Louis Tomlinson made us freak out when they were spotted leaving a party together, but the Fifth Harmony singer says that it was actually the first time they hung out — and he totally saved the day!

“My phone died and I had no way of getting home so Louis said, ‘Jump in a car with me.’ We got to know each other that night, it was the first time we really hung out. And he was nice enough to take me back,” she told The Sun.

While we think they look totally cute together, she says that some other fans aren’t so pleased that they were photographed together.

“The amount of hate I got for that picture… I got a slew of things like, ‘You’re a [crap], you’re ugly, you’re fat’…”

That’s unbelievable! We can’t believe she’s going through that. But we’re just happy that Tommo was there to help her out of a rough patch that night. At the time, we were totally wondering why she wasn’t spotted with the rest of 5H. She must have gotten separated from the group and didn’t have her phone with her to find them. Good thing Louis was there!