Ed Sheeran surprised a fan at her birthday party after she couldn’t make it to his concert. Jess Wright was diagnosed with leukemia two weeks after buying tickets to his concert, so her friends started a Facebook campaign to get him to visit her. And it totally worked!

He crashed her birthday at the hospital, and it seems like she had a really magical time.

“I had butterflies, a lot of butterflies. But he was just a genuinely nice guy and just really chill and down-to-earth,” she said. “It was so good. It was just so unreal.”

Her parents say that he even went around the hospital and surprised some other patients, which basically melts our hearts. We know how much he cares about his Sheerios — remember when heserenaded a fan moments before she passed away? — and this just makes us love him even more.

Do you think Ed is the sweetest singer ever? Can you believe he’d do this for a Sheerio? Tell us in the comments!