AWW: Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy Still Text Once a Week

65032Jennette McCurdy says that she still talks to her Sam & Cat co-star Ariana Grande on a regular basis! In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she revealed that they still text once a week. ariana-grande-jennette-mccurdy-young-11 “She just gave me a book recommendation that I'm almost done with. And then we text probably like once a week to kind of catch up and see what's going on," the former iCarly actress said. And it seems like they're still supportive of each other's projects! The "Break Free" singer is apparently really excited to watch Jennette's new show on Netflix, Between. “[Ariana] told me she can’t wait to watch it,” she said. Since the actress previously revealed there was some "sisterly" drama between them during their Nickelodeon days, it's cute to hear that they still keep in touch — and that they do so regularly. Of course, we're just waiting to catch Jennette in the audience during Ariana's Honeymoon Tour. That would seriously be epic!

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