WWE RAW averaged a 3.02 rating with 4.23 million viewers for the month of March 2015, down 2.6% in ratings and 2.1% in viewers from March 2014. With the RAW after WrestleMania in March instead of April like last year, the number is a bit misleading. With the numbers adjusted, you would have an average of a 2.86 rating with 3.94 million viewer in March, or a 7.7% drop in ratings and a 8.8% drop in viewers from March 2014’s 3.10 rating average and 4.32 million viewers. RAW averaged a 3.29 rating and 4.67 million viewers in March 2013.

SmackDown in March 2015 averaged a 1.89 rating with 2.59 million viewers, down from March 2014’s average of 2.03 rating with 2.88 million viewers. SmackDown averaged a 2.00 rating with 2.78 million viewers in March 2013. SmackDown has the advantage of being on Thursday nights this year.

– WWE’s Shop website had 1,433 orders per day in March 2015, up from 1,161 orders per day in March 2014. The number for March 2013 was 903 per day.