Even though Ashton Irwin has been cavorting around Europe with Bryana Holly, the 5 Seconds of Summer guy insists that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and is totally single. While speaking to Scott Mills, the drummer said that the 5SOS guys just don’t have time to seriously date.

“I mean, pretty much [I’m single]. I don’t think we have time for girlfriends, we like to see people I guess, like if we meet someone really nice we hang out, but we’re not in one space very much,” he said.

Well, that settles it! We totally understand that their crazy touring schedule makes it too difficult to be in a relationship. But it does seem like Ashton and Bryana meet up a lot whenever they’re in the same city. From hitting up Disneyland to riding bikes together, they sure do spend a lot of time together, even if they’re not official. The model must be “someone really nice”!

Can you believe that Ashton doesn’t consider Bryana his girlfriend? What do you think about his comments? Let us know in the comments!