Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez totally made our jaws drop when they both appeared on Rich Wilkerson Jr.’s Snapchat video, but it doesn’t mean that they’re getting back together! According to E! Online, their church encounter was unexpected and doesn’t indicate that a reunion is happening.

“They are definitely not back together whatsoever. Definitely not,” the source revealed.

But it does seem like they had a good time together!

“For the first time, it wasn’t awkward. They were cordial and friendly to each other. It was harmless.”

While we’re glad that their interaction was peaceful, this does kind of squash Jelena fans’ dreams that their run-in means they’re getting back together. However, the fact that they’re peacefully spending time together is pretty significant, especially because Vanessa Hudgens had to help her bestie avoid her ex at the Met Gala a few weeks ago.