Taylor Swift has been settling into her New York City lifestyle with an excellent apartment, great group of friends, and cute new guy, but all that might get disrupted pretty soon — her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles (whose love life has been wrecking its ownbrand of havoc), is looking at new apartments in her neighborhood.

According to Racked, he was spotted checking out a $3.9 million condo in TriBeCa, right around the corner from the “Shake It Off” singer’s pad!

While there’s no word about whether or not the One Direction singer is actually going to purchase the place, it would definitely be strange if they ended up in the same neighborhood. It’s not always fun to run into your ex!

At least it seems like they’re on pretty good terms. After all, Hazza’s bandmates went to the pop star’s 2015 Billboard Music Awards after-party, and everything seemed pretty cool between them.