Karan Johar’s comeback to acting might just not be screened at France’s grandest film festival…

Anurag Kashyap has once again denied the rumours of his upcoming film Bombay Velvet being screened at Cannes Film Festival. The film starring Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar in lead roles has been in the making since a long time. Also the film was said to be doing the rounds of the film festivals first and then release across the globe. However, all that seems to be just thrown out of the window with Anurag’s this statement.

A leading Paris based magazine called Paris Match has included Bombay Velvet in the list of films that are to be screened at Cannes this year. The magazine mentioned that Bombay Velvet will have a special midnight screening session and thereby will be out of the competition. However, when asked about the same, Anurag said, “As far as I know, our film is releasing 15th May all over and is not playing at the Cannes film festival except in the market.” So what is the confusion really?

Not many of us know that there is a bustling market of international cinema at Cannes, which acquires the rights of many films from different countries to be shown at exhibitions across the globe. Thus Anurag will be playing the film at the market. However, he still isn’t aware of any special screening of the film at the main Cannes Film Festival.

Well wethinks everyone will have a clearer picture of the confusion once the Cannes Film Festival uploads their list of films to be screened on their official website. Till then we all can just wait for May 15. Hai Crimaz?