Alia Bhatt to don a bikini for Shaandaar!


The actress was last seen in a bikini in her debut film Student of the Year…

In the ten-odd minutes I rattled off my questions to a poised, prim and proper Alia Bhatt, I saw her guard fall only once she stopped talking business. There are questions — most of them polite ones — that were on the mind and one asked away. She indulged. She was forthcoming about her equation with Twinkle Khanna, her dosti with Bebo, singing parts, dancing roles, what she feels about her Twitter trolls and what she’ll wear in an upcoming film. Among other things… You’re wearing a bikini in your next? This would be the first time since Student Of The Year… Shaandaar. We’ll see. You’ll will see it in the trailer. Ever consider doing a dance film? Shahid and I have danced a lot in our film. That’s the dancing we’ll be doing for now. And when we’re promoting Shaandaar, there’ll be a lot more dancing. Who do you feel you pair best with of all your lead actors? I’d let the audience decide that. I had a great time working with them all. Your Twitter conversation with Twinkle. People found it really funny… (laughs) Apparently, they did. But there’s no denying that she’s completely hilarious. What do I say? It was the cherry on my evening cake. How do you deal with Twitter trolls? I love them… You love them? Yeaaah, can’t take life so seriously… What about people not letting you forget that one gaffe on Koffee With Karan. They even picked on you at IIFA about that… (Nonchalantly) But now that is something that I’m going to have to live with for the rest of my life! So, I’m okay. I’m opening my arms to it. And you’re bonding with Bebo. We heard she got you icecream on the sets? Funnily, we were shooting for this channel and that’s where she came on our sets. She was shooting nearby and yes, she got us some icecream, a brand which she was shooting for. It was really sweet of her. We had a great time. There’s more to this, though… I really love Bebo. We love to hang out together. The couple of times I’ve hung out with her have been just amazing and totally entertaining. Your dream role would be… One day I want to work in the action thriller space. Because you won’t pre-empt it. Maybe, I’ll do it when I’m a little older. What about the film your mother Soni Razdan is directing? I’m not in that film; it’s her film. You recently did an ad with your mom. Intend to do more with her? Hopefully, it depends on the product, of course. Yeah, we had a great time shooting together. Anything more, I would be very excited about. The next time we’re going to hear you sing? (Laughs) I also feel like I should sing, but it should be a good song. For me, it should be part of my own film, because I’m not a song. So, only if I’m asked to do so for my film. RAPIDFIRE 5 things you never leave home without. My phone, pefume, kajal, lip balm and chewing gum. 3 songs on your playlist Lean On (Major Lazer), La Di Da (French Affair?), Sun Saathiya (ABCD2) Your dream co-star? Amitabh Bachchan Intend turning producer? Not really, no What defines your dressing? Comfort level and trends

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