The Shaandaar actress is not one to kiss and tell. Private means private for the actress and Ms Bhatt guards her personal life as a sacred space ferociously!

Alia Bhatt’s been linked to almost every co-star she has worked with — Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra or Arjun Kapoor. But does she talk about these link-ups publicly?

No! Why? “It’s an extremely personal space and that’s one part of my life that I want to secure,” she quickly responds. But more than being secretive, it has become a ‘new game’ for the actress. “Abhi situation aisi ban gayi hai that it’s rather a game I wanna play with the media. People are talking so much about it and are so curious to know it, I don’t wanna say anything. Jo sochna hai soche, I don’t worry at all,” she laughs.

She says, “Either way, people are going to think what they want to. So, me saying yes or no or giving anything a validation makes no sense.”

That’s so unlike her papa who apart from preaching every chance he gets, is something of an over-sharer. “First of all, I am not like my dad in that regard. I cannot make for good copies at the expense of my personal life. People should not even expect the same from me. Hence I have made it clear with my silence,” she signs off.