Alia Bhatt infuriated over Doordarshan banning Highway’s telecast


And we side with the actress on this one!

Imtiaz Ali’s Alia Bhatt-Randep Hooda starrer, Highway, will not be telecast on Doordarshan. Yes, the film has been banned. Because apparently, it is not fit for screening since it showcases child abuse. And its not just the makers who are upset, Alia too feels strongly about the whole issue.

Talking about it to a leading daily, Alia said, “Doordarshan caters to a family audience that is sensitive to a certain type of cinema. I understand that, but I believe that child sexual abuse does occur, and not only with girls, but boys as well. Every child should know these things, as that would only protect them.”

The Shandaar actress feels that the film might help children get a better understanding of the matter. “More often than not, children don’t know what’s happening with them when they are being abused. Educating them might just help.” She further added, “Isn’t this (child sexual abuse) the reason why every parent keeps telling his or her child that they should not talk to strangers? And the children keep asking why they should not. Shouldn’t kids be provided answers?”

Good point well made Alia! We totally support you on this one.

BollywoodLife  had earlier informed you that the Censor Board has demanded the ban but the board wiped its hand off saying that they had nothing to do with the decision. True as it may be, we have a hunch that their initial demand might have had a hand in the decision. What do you think?

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