No PDAs…just eyes are enough to prove their affection for each other…

Love is an emotion to be felt. It’s a feeling that at times cages you while at some occasions liberates you. But then there are some who believe in it while others negate it completely. But love exists and it is more pronounced when it is shown through sublime gestures like how alleged couple Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra choose to show for each other. There’s just genuine affection and nothing else!

An eyewitness from the sets of Kapoor & Sons Since 1921 asserts that even if the two aren’t sitting holding hands or hugging each other all the time, there is love and affection in their demeanor towards each other. The source reveals that Sidharth is a protective boyfriend and is very watchful on the sets. As reported earlier, Alia wore a pretty revealing outfit for the track that they shot recently for the movie. According to the source, apparently Sidharth looked at her, gave an approving nod and then looked the other side. Alia too seemed to be waiting for Sid’s reaction and when she got it, she seemed pretty relaxed.

Well, that’s one love story which doesn’t need to be intimate to be beautiful. We just hope they own up to it soon enough!