During an interview with Steven Muehlhausen of Sporting News, former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio commented on CM Punk fighting in the UFC. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s going to be difficult, but I know he’s been busting his ass for months and months,” Patron told Sporting News. “I know he’s going to be ready. He’s an athlete. He has the passion. He’s hungry for that and I know a lot of people want him to not do well.”

“I’m 100 percent sure he’s going to do just fine,” Patron said of Punk. “I’m going to be there that day to support him and I just wish him success. Not luck because he doesn’t need luck. He’s going to succeed in this venture.”

– Jim Ross published a new blog entry on JRsBarBQ.com, where he talks about WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins becoming a big star. Here’s what the WWE Hall of Famer wrote:

“If Seth Rollins doesn’t become the next “it” guy in WWE it won’t be for a lack of exposure. I’m a Rollins fan because I see some of the great, HBK in him at times. plus I admire Rollins work ethic. WWE is walking a thin line in overexposing Seth, IMO, but thus far he is holding up well but it won’t always be that way if Rollins continues to be all over the TV every week. For those that think that Rollins is being booked “weak” I couldn’t disagree more. Heels of average size, like Rollins, are naturally vulnerable which isn’t a sign of weakness but a sign of reality. A champion who is beatable but has to cheat to win is money. Always has been and always will be. Gorgeous George, Buddy Rogers, Ric Flair and HBK are just a few of the examples of what I just outlined and please don’t hit back with the “…but times have changed” line.”