The pornstar-turned-actress made a surprising confession that she wants to be reborn as Salman. Can you imagine?

I don’t think I need to introduce a star like Sunny Leone. The bombshell, who was initially meant only for your hard disks is now there, zooming a bigger frame on Bollywood’s silver screen. Of course, she has evolved as an ‘actress’. But this time, isn’t about her acting or seduction skills. Instead, imagine how would it be if Sunny Leone was born as Salman Khan? I know it sounds TOO bizarre. But that’s exactly what the Ek Paheli Leela actress quoted in her recent interview.

“I would like to come back as Salman Khan. He is one of the biggest stars in India; nobody messes with him. People are scared of him, but they also love him at the same time. He does so much charity work too. He is a very nice man.” said the actress to a leading daily.

For the obvious, her wish is far from being fulfilled. But why should that mean we cannot paint a pretty imaginary picture? So here’s all that Sunny could enjoy IF she was Salman:

# She could remain forever topless without being questioned for her bare image

# She could do a male version of Baby Doll in Chulbul Pandey style.

# She could open her own charitable trust- “Being Sexy”

# She can give Daniel Weber the much needed BIG break in Bollywood.

#She could ‘Kiss and run’ to escape the ‘Hit and run’ case

Well, these were my picks. You of course, can add more to the list in the comments section below!