5 things Salman Khan will NEVER tweet about!

Unlike his contemporaries Salman Khan won’t be seen doing a lot of things that you might expect on his microblogging portal. Here’s looking at a few..

Bollywood stars have more often than not used Twitter to promote themselves and their films. While some have spammed our timelines by asking us to go and watch their films, others have harrowed us by retweeting (RT) every single tweet on the planet about how ‘good and amazing’ their work is. Without naming the biggies, if you are a Twitter addict then you would know even the superstars resort to this self-promotion tactic. Except for one star who doesn’t need to sell himself or resort to any such gimmick – he goes by the name of Salman Khan. Today Salman completes 5 years of being a Twitter resident. We take a look at 5 things Salman Khan will never ever tweet about :

Go watch my film!

Salman has never asked anyone to ever go and watch his films. On the contrary he’s often seen supporting others films and tweeting about his fans should go watch them. So don’t expect him to ask his fans to support him by going and watching Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Also don’t be surprised if you see him supporting and promoting Sooraj Pancholi’s Hero which he’s creatively involved with.

Retweeting film reviews

Salman has never really tweeted any positive or negative review of his work. In fact close friends reveal that the actor hardly reads any reviews and instead believes in reading the direct response of his fans about his work. So don’t expect Salman to tweet any 5 star review of his film or RT any of your tweets glorifying his work.

No self-obsession

Unlike other stars who love to share their fans artwork of them, Salman instead chooses to tweet about charity work or draw attention to anyone who’s in need of some help. You won’t find him tweeting any fans sketches or drawings of him. However, we might soon see the star share some of his personal artwork with his fans. It seems that Salman does want to show his sketches and doodling that he does in between shoots and get his fan reaction.

Active during film release

Unlike his other Khan friend – Aamir Khan, Salman doesn’t tweet when he has a release or a project to promote. He instead tweets when he feels like. A source close to him reveals that Salman doesn’t really have a timeline or a set agenda about when he will tweet. There are times when he wakes up in the middle of the night and sends something out.

Quoteable Quotes

Salman doesn’t need to read up a quotable quotes website. Instead he makes up his own quotes! The fact that he has his own lingo, style and choice of words to communicate with his fans is so adorable. If you are a grammar Nazi then his tweets might be your biggest nightmare, but if you are a Salman fan that you will eat up every word he tweets!

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