On his 25th birthday, I thought of sharing a few lesser known facts about the actor with his fans

When he made his debut with Heropanti, Tiger Shroff had every girl go crazy over his chiselled bod and that cute face. He only made it more difficult for girls to resist him when he put his dancing shoes on while paying a tribute to Michael Jackson.The much-in-demand actor turns a year older today and I thought it would be the perfect time to share some facts about Tiger, you guys might not have heard of. So here goes my list…

His real name is… hold your breath… Jai Hemant Shroff! Surprised?

Acting was never on his priority list. He was more into sports and dancing and wanted to make a career in either of the two and I thank heavens for not letting that work out.

The super dashing dude gets a complex from Chetan Bhagat. In what universe you ask? Well the actor once bumped into the novelist at the gym and immediately uploaded an image of his with Chetan sayin, “Do NOT work out next to this guy, he will only give you a complex!’

Tiger mentored Aamir Khan. No, no, not in acting; Shroff helped Khan in building up his physique for Dhoom 3.

And the last one is my favourite… he’s a vegetarian (eats eggs though) and does not drink or smoke. How cool is that!