With a string of fantastic performances under his belt, the Badlapur actor is inevitably being compared to a certain Khan, known for his onscreen tranquility. But I give you three reasons why these comparisons should be put to rest as two performers are poles apart from one another
Is it fair to compare William Shakespeare to Ravindranath Tagore? Both terrific writers. Both power house of talent. Both gems of literary world. But yet so different from one another. Get my point? Not really? Let me explain.

At one side we have an actor who is known for his laidback, effortless approach to acting, who has given his 110% percent in every role he ever portrayed, and is now India’s face in world cinema, Irrfan Khan. And at the other end, we have the perennial struggler, an actor who got his due so late, but that did not deter him from setting the screen on fire with his incredible acting nuances – Nawazuddin Siddiqui. While the two are powerhouse of talent, known for the kind of roles they play onscreen, I think it is not right to compare them and draw a conclusion that Nawaz is the new Irrfan. Of course I would give you reasons to substantiate my point.

Different styles of acting

If you take a look at Nawaz’s filmography, be it Faizal from Gangs of Wasseypur or Shaikh from The Lunchbox, the terrific actor has always impressed us with his cheeky body language, dynamic screen presence and witty sense of humour. His style of acting is poles apart from Irrfan Khan, whose straight face, dead pan expression, restraint acting and dry humour made him win a lot of accolades over the years.

Hollywood connection

Irrfan is a very busy actor, who likes to juggle between Hollywood and Bollywood, becoming a force to reckon with international cinema, with his offbeat films. Nawaz, though new to the stardom and recognition, has shown no particular interest into English films and his persona doesn’t seem likely to suit Hollywood flicks.

Comfort level in commercial flicks

It is beyond doubt that Irrfan Khan is a gem of an actor. But carefully gauging his performance over the years, I feel like the actor is in his zone while doing offbeat films or parallel cinema. But when it comes to big budget, commercial films or over the top roles, Irrfan seems to be little out of place. But that is not the case with Nawaz, who showed us that he can excel in an experimental film like Miss Lovely and can also steal the thunder with his over the top antics in mass hero films like Salman Khan’s Kick.

Also Nawaz, still has a long way to go to achieve the name and respect, which Irrfan has managed to garner over the years. So it would be unfair to both the versatile actors, to be compared or pitted against each other.