The family plans to keep Salman away from the media and let him have some peace time

Salman Khan has been granted an interim bail of two days by the High Court. These 48 hours will be the most precious moments of his life. The actor spent over five hours in court today (May 6) from morning till evening. However, through out the proceeding, Salman kept his cool and was super cooperative with the legal process. Despite the hordes of media and fans outside the court, Salman who in the past has lost his temper, kept his cool and didn’t show any signs of anger or irritation.

Now, the next 48 hours are crucial for him as this is the short relief period he gets before the hearing comes up again on May 8. A source close to the family reveals that while they are happy with the news that Salman won’t be in jail tonight, they plan make these two days less stressful for the actor. Word is that they have already asked celebrity friends from the industry to try and avoid coming to Galaxy in order to avoid the media madness outside.

The source says, “His parents and siblings plan to give these two days to him. Everyone will be with him. He will also be given legal advice for the next session and also on how to prepare for the worst.”

Salman‘s lawyers plan to appeal to the Supreme Court if High Court dismisses their plea.